Sunday, January 6, 2013


My draperies are done! Even the love seat cover is holding its arms out in a "Ta-da!"...okay, so I didn't notice the seat cover was askew (I had been standing on it to adjust the drapes).

I had some material left over from another project (Nick and Samantha's Christmas drapes), so I decided to make myself some for my slider door, which thankfully is not as wide as their window. Some of the material I used for mine were from the selection of material I had picked out for them, one that they weren't crazy about...and after making them for myself, I wasn't crazy about them either...until...I added the scarf panels over them!

The grommet topper portion of the drapes were left over from their drapes also..the material is like a faux suede. The end panels are of a softer faux suede material I found after I decided to make myself some. The tan/beige panels I'm not crazy about either by themselves, are a rich heirloom with a floral texture, which you aren't able to really see and appreciate unless you are close to them, or if the sun is shining through behind them (but that is minimal since I also sewed liner panels together to protect the drapes from the sun, and to help keep the cold out, and help keep the heat in during winter).

Fortunately, I had purchased the scarf while Christmas shopping this past year, and after trying it on underneath the coat I purchased it for, I didn't like it's bulkiness. So, I used it as a table runner until I realized its color and print would work well to enhance that misfitted drab tan/beige panel I wasn't crazy about! I successfully cut it in half, and stitched them in place on each of those desperately-needing-something panels.

When Nick and Samantha get their drapery rod installed, I will share a pic of them too...after I hem them of course. Their drapes also have grommets, but their drapes are all solid (no grommet topper like mine). Their window is quite large, so I had to sew two panels of the faux suede together with two panels of moleskin material sewed together, just to make one panel...and they match well with their couch color and texture. Their drapes have a more expensive, and better quality look. And I didn't screw up on the number of their grommets...not bad for my first time installing them. No...I waited till the second time installing them. Yes! Somehow, probably has something to do with math and memory ...I managed to screw up and installed an odd number of grommets on mine...there has to be an even number or else an end fold will fold open toward you.

 I noticed the grommet mishap after my first panel, but because my panels were all going to be separate (because I wanted to be able to open up individual panels going either way), I decided to space them all the same way...oddly. And to help remedy my error, because I had enough material to work with (barely), on the odd end that would fold in towards the room, I just folded that end back and in towards the back to the front, making the rod go through them as one fold. If I come to see I want more fullness in the drapes, I can always make two more end panels...that is if the fabric store is able to order more. While the clerk was cutting the material for me (I stopped day dreaming and started paying attention to EXACTLY what she was doing), I noticed the length she was measuring out for the next panel (she was already measuring the third one), I picked up one she had cut and thought "hmmmm...I remember sewing much more than that..." I asked her if that was the measurement I gave her...she said it was...then says..."Oh no! I'm a yard too short!" I just laughed and said..."Oh well...I'd never be able to work here with my math skills." She took her mistake so graciously...I was really impressed. "To err is human, to forgive is divine."* I can only hope Nick and Samantha remember that when they get their drapery rod installed, and hang their drapes. I am sure they will look fine though...cannot wait to see them up!
****Update....They LOVE the drapes! I must say they look very nice.....but...because there is one panel that has a little puckering down by bottom hem, something not noticeable till they were up and hanging, I haven't taken a pic of them yet. I keep offering to fix it (letting hem out in that area, smoothing down fabric, resew back up), but they keep saying it's okay, it doesn't bother them. Drives me crazy! But, I'm happy their so crazy happy with them that they don't want to be a minute without them! IS easier, AND cheaper to just buy them. But then again....they are an original : )

*Alexander Pope, "An Essay on Criticism"