Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Inspirations can be like snapshots of wisdom...
These thoughts can be like a fast moving river ~ waiting to be tapped into and spread out over the banks of our minds; written down to become footprints in time.
When these thoughts come to mind, we need to quickly transfer the thought imagery to a pliable surface to be developed, before they disappear like a feather in the wind.

In creating these thoughts, even those that bloom as with a life of their own (especially when shared with others), one must respond when given, before the thoughts are washed away with other busy thoughts that may continually flood our minds.

If we do not seize the moment, the thoughts may either eventually dry up, or be swept out to ones sea of forgotten thoughts, which may never come our way again.
© Sheri * December 2009
© Photo by: Nick L. Janose

About the "Inspirations” poem...

The picture was taken by my oldest son, Nick, while serving in the Marine’s, traveling by ship to Afghanistan...this area was near Guam.
The imagery in the picture I believe to be inspiring. I see a cross shining down through the clouds. I told Nick someday I would take the time to write a poem about it. A short time later, a Christian counselor, Kathleen Laarman, asked me how I went about writing poems... Nick's picture, along with these thoughts within the poem came to, I quickly wrote them down...changing some here and there...putting them in order to make more sense.
When writing poems, even I am surprised by a deeper meaning within them when I return to them at a later time. With this poem, I believe I can also see my heart aching for my son, praying for his safe return from the sea.
One of the cool things about poems is that people can see different meanings in them...they can touch a persons mind and heart according to their life experiences. This poem will most likely continue to deepen in its meaning for me, since I was seeking Christian counseling for direction in my life at the time. I was struggling with the changes involved with the aging process, and also with relationships, especially with those that I loved.