Saturday, October 9, 2010


When we are looking for ourselves,
then that is all we will see.
When we are looking for Jesus, we will find hope. 
Though there is only one Christ, our Messiah,
our Savior...
When we step into faith in Him, we will see ourselves as
God’s sons or daughters...
We will see we are inheritors of our King.
We will see the love of our Father.
Thank you Jesus...Amen 

© Sheri * 2010

About the “Reflection” poem...

I was inspired to write this poem because of how easily we can lose sight of who we are in subtly start listening to the enemy, the deceiver. We have to be careful how we see ourselves and what we should be looking and listening for; how we think about ourselves and our self talk. When we are having a hard time accepting others as they are, there is a good indication that we are not seeing ourselves as we should be; making it difficult to accept others as they are through God’s grace.

The picture I used for this poem are two overlapping, applying the hand releasing the butterfly onto the other, to be with another. They represent how we are transformed by being born again in Christ. How we are to dwell in His love so we can learn to love others as ourselves. Also, how we need to step back and view the bigger picture at times in our lives, especially when we are having a difficult time seeing the hand of God in our lives; to keep seeking His will.

I like the look of the picture....looks like the Lord's hand has came through and entered the garden...crinkling the paper as He entered...showing that there is much, much more beyond what our vision can see.