Monday, May 31, 2010


Be careful, don’t shoo away the Dove –
For He comes to teach you love.

Make room in your life for His love, making your heart His home; doing so allows Him to restore your soul and guide you in your journey...
A choice made... you will not be sorry.

His love is real, His Word full of power. Learn how to live within
His boundaries, His love, His will to be done;
To rejoice and flourish, giving Him all the glory.

Every minute of everyday we choose whom
we shall serve... by the choices that we make.
Rest in His peace, but be on guard –
For the enemy still lives as a fraud,
always on the take.
Help us Lord to stay awake and always pray...
“Help me Lord, to be the friend You see in me to be,
A friend that You have been to me.”

© Sheri * May 2010

About the “Choices” poem...
Since we have been created to worship God, the choices we make in our lives will determine how intimate our relationship with Him will be. When we seek to know God, He will reveal Himself truly.
We are responsible in working out our salvation in becoming the person He has called us to be, and in order to do that, we must learn of His boundaries. Even though He loves us unconditionally, He has set limits and boundaries for us to dwell in; to keep us safe and for us to flourish in His love. He will never force Himself upon us, so surrendering our brokenness unto Him is be restored through His loving grace, which enables us to love ourselves within the boundaries He has given us...something we must learn to do so we can love others truly.
His Word is food for our spirit, something we must partake in continuously to stay nourished. Just reading His Word is not enough though. In order for His seed to grow within us, we need to let Him guide us in our actions, to be proactive in our choices, a lifelong process.
God has inspired many people who seek Him to reveal His love, those that know His Word. It is our responsibility to make sure what we feed into ourselves lines up with His Word, so we will not be deceived, for the enemy comes to steal and can work through us unwittingly; we must continue to be on guard.
Living in His peace is something we will experience the more we abide in Him, getting to know Him and what His will for our lives is all about; giving glory to God.

Painting done in 2011. Trying to replace some of my prior Googled images with my own paintings: )

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Let Your Light Shine

Let Your Light Shine

From a fear of conformity...traveling for many years through life in darkness...

Coming to see one has to lose oneself to truly be oneself in You.

Found in the truth of who You are,

allowing Your truth to set us free from darkness.

To choose to walk in Your light...

Not wanting to cast shadows...

But to be a “can-do-it” for Your light to travel through for others to see;
to allow Your truth to help light the way for others.

Let Your light shine for all to see – shedding light upon Your path of truth.

We are not alone in times of darkness...

You are there...

Drawing us closer to the goodness of who You are, who we are in You...

Letting Your light shine for all to see.

© Sheri * May 2010
© Photograh by: Sheri * June 2007
About the “Let Your Light Shine” poem…
After finishing an art project I had started in high school, over 30 years ago, I was inspired to write this poem.
The picture in this poem I took one morning at sunrise. There is something special about the innocence of a new day just beginning...the rising sun blazing its light upon all in its path, a glorious new day!
Psalm 118:24
“This is the day which the Lord has made; Let us rejoice and be glad it.”
My art project was a hanging lamp, but I had never installed the wiring, so my mother, Martha Gray, had been using it upside down as a bread/bun basket up until last year, and then returned it to me.
Finally, after all these years, I installed the wiring and I am enjoying my lamp; the purpose for which it was made for, just as we were made to let God's light shine through us...being His "can-do-it" (conduit). Finishing my lamp inspired me to write about how parts of my life journey has been like that... times of choosing to live outside of God’s will, living in darkness, and then letting God shine His light on His path of truth, to earnestly seek to live the life He died for us to have. For us to live in His love, learning to love others and ourselves...God wanting us to live in the light of His truth, His love, because of His unconditional love for us.
Art project from 1976,
finished in 2010...mission accomplished!