Saturday, October 8, 2011

Hold on... and Wait on the Lord

Hold on...for we all must wait for that day when we are called back home (yes, someday you and I will be going home too!).

In the meantime, when life gets rough – and your thinking “Lord, I’m not that tough!”...JUST DON’T GIVE UP! Reach out and grab the Lord’s hand (to someone else that could be in yours or mine : )

Stand in prayer – have faith, life will work out. Just wait, you’ll see. Sometimes you have to give it all just a little bit more time.

Keep holding on; with Christ’s Love in your heart, sharing His Love with others, letting His Light shine upon the world. But beware, being careful to keep the light not let it burn out; don’t let your light grow dim and put it all at risk; you may get lost, wasting years not being able to see through the fog.

Keep looking towards His Son, keeping Him in your sight; walking in His Light. Because you just never know, this could be your last night.

So, live throughout this life in His Joy. Living in His Kingdom gives everyone the best opportunity; patiently anticipating the journey back home. Home...Heaven is our final eternal destination; reuniting with the Love we were created for throughout eternity.

Hold on, and wait on the Lord.

© Sheri * October 2011
Photo: Google Images
This poem was inspired from a dream I had a few nights ago about Rob, and also from the teasing encouragement from one of my co-workers, Jackie, to write a poem about it, saying she expected to see the poem come Monday (which gave me the weekend to get together with the Lord and write one).

In the dream Rob visited me, from Heaven (he passed on last June), giving me some more words of wisdom (some things never change : )

Rob apparently was in my dream to reconfirm, to make sure that I knew, reminding me while saying: “You know you have to wait to go to Heaven until you’re called. And until then you have to wait and hold on.”

The picture I used with this poem is from Google images, and to me it captures the meaning of the poem and the dream. God’s Light is our beacon, and we have to choose to keep looking for His Light, or risk getting ourselves (and usually some others close to us), lost and/or wounded. Life has its ups and downs; the smooth sailing days, and the turbulent storms of troubles.

Our Lord wants to be a part of our lives, in the joy and the sorrow; He is true Joy, and He is our strength to get us through the rough storms in life. We can count on Him to get us through anything. Sometimes we may wonder why and how we will ever make it through, but we just have to remember to hold on and wait on the Lord. He will see us through it, we just have to keep our focus, our priorities in life centered in His love, and sharing that with others.

While thinking about the dream, and thoughts of going home to Heaven, I thought of the word “home”...noticing what the letters could represent: Help-Out-My-Enemies. Loving our enemies is just what the Lord told us we are to do in His Kingdom; “But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you” (Matthew 5:44).

Pride keeps us from loving others, it obscures God’s Light within us, and we can no longer see others as God does. We are unwittingly turning even ourselves into our own enemy, greatly limiting the joy that can be found in His Kingdom, and before too long, one is unable to truly love, even themselves.