Sunday, March 27, 2011

Parameters of Prejudice

The lines of the spoken and the unspoken rules of prejudices...
   Something we may see everyday.
   Something we may be a part of everyday.
   Something we may try and hold people captive by everyday.

Going over the lines of the spoken and the unspoken rules of prejudices...
   Something we may try to free others and ourselves of everyday.

Parameters of prejudice....
Imprints of indifference stamped in our minds...needing to be exchanged in the heart...our fears with that of acceptance....
to know that its okay to be different,
but not just as individuals, but together, because together we are only one race; the human race.

So let “the” race begin, and finish as one with Him who has made
us all to be different together in Him.
 Let us all meet together at His Cross.

~About the “Parameters of Prejudice” poem...

This poem I awoke from a dream from. In the dream our “comfort zone” became a physically visual thing that we could move and make adjustments to according to ones liking...or to other peoples liking. It was like a tent canopy with mesh siding so you did not feel still seemed free to be you. Although ironically, you often had to keep moving it for those around you because of the differing opinions they held of the differences of others.

So in the dream it seemed like I was always picking up the four corners of my parameters and moving them back and forth just a few feet here and there...physically moving the parameters of those spoken and unspoken rules in some relationships, but realizing I had to look beyond the parameters...time for us all to let go of those deep seated fears or misconceptions from childhood, or even worse, prideful superiority in adulthood.

God says He has created us all to be be love one another as He loves us.

© Sheri * March 2011
(Cross photo from Microsoft Office Online)