Friday, January 28, 2011

Heaven is at Hand

God’s will is wonder-full; Heaven is at hand.

Although, there are times we don’t see it...

And feel as though we’ll never understand.

So, keep reaching out...that’s it...reach out!

 Keep it up and never give up!

That’s right; give it all you've got...

Because His love cannot be worn out or ever fade away;

His love is with us to stay!

Receive His Life and let His Word lead yours.

Walk with His Son; crawl if you must until you can trust.

Embrace Him...share His love with others; Heaven is at hand.

© Sheri * January 2011

About the Heaven is at Hand" poem...

Living ones life for God involves making a conscience effort. Without His passion our lives can become rather dull, less colorful and even flavorless of His goodness, causing one to possibly crave unhealthy ways to sustain themselves instead.

Bad habits can easily be made, but can be hard to break. Repeating behaviors become habits and can become so automatic they may even seem void of right or wrong. One can easily establish a pattern of living and begin to take their life for granted, losing the wonder of God’s precious gift; becoming insensitive to His passion.

His Word teaches us to seek God through His Son Jesus...John 14 gives us confirmation that Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life; the only way to our Father. Matthew 4 shows us our Lord has asked us all to repent, that the Kingdom of heaven is near...specifically stating that it is written we are to worship the Lord our God and serve Him only.

Embracing Him is claiming His promises, empowering us in His strength to live in His will. Luke 17 shows us the Kingdom of God is within us...we need to acknowledge His presence and share His love with others...heaven is at hand.

The picture with this poem is from Microsoft Office Online. To me it captures how we need to keep seeking God, searching for His higher calling on our not settle for less than what His will for our lives would be. Through His love, grace, and forgiveness we can start each day is our choice, our gift to we have to make, move towards, and act upon.

****Originally I wrote and posted this poem as "God's Will", but have often thought of changing it to "Heaven is at Hand"....just seems to fit better, and since there have been others that think that also, Wala! Thanks for your input Greg Stowell (two years later : )