Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Hands of Hope

The Hands of Hope

The hands of hope – could be yours or mine – reaching out to give to others,

Or reaching out in need from others…even just to have one’s presence known…

And sometimes just to hear:

“Hold on...this will pass, hold on, things will work out just fine, you’ll see.”
This is something that has to take place within you and me,
in order for others to see.

As with any other gift in life, the hands of hope can be misused,

and then often become abused…

The giving to others can become more like a transaction for exchange.

The reaching out can become something expected,

something owed; striving for just one’s own gain.

How do we keep holding onto Your hope,
to keep our hearts true to You?

Gently but firmly, from the stronghold of Your Love,
found within Your Word...

Directing our eyes for our hearts to see...

This has to take place within you and me for others to see.

Connecting with others, with hands held in prayer, to reach out as one...

With Your hands holding ours, full of Your love...

With Your hope in our hearts, we can share with another...

This has to take place within you and me in order for others to see.

© Sheri * April 2010

About the “Hands of Hope” poem...

Having healthy boundaries in our lives is keep ourselves from being abused, and to keep ourselves from abusing others. There are times when we should give to others; just as there will be times when we will be in need from others. Sometimes we can give too much, and sometimes we can keep asking for too much.

So how do we know how to reach out? God will show us through His love, if we let Him. That will require us to be responsible in searching for His truth, though there will be times we should not lean on our own understanding, but on His Word. And His Word speaks about those of us who are given much, to much will be required. His Word also speaks of those who are able to work, should work...we cannot be like baby birds forever...sitting in our comfy nest...waiting for our life source to be dropped into our mouths...if we are able to do our part, then we should...and share with those who are not able. There are those though, that will repeatedly take advantage of you if you let them, which can prevent them from growing. Sometimes we need to shut our mouths and get out of our "gimme gimme nest," so we in turn can learn to help feed others.

There are people that need our help, truly.

We have to let God show us how to truly love one another...but we will not know how if we do not seek Him...He is there....knocking at our door...waiting to show us how to love.
The picture below is from a circulated email from a few years ago, leaving me no name to connect with the photographer. The first time I had seen it, my thought was that of how insensitive the parenting bird was to land on one of its babies head. Maybe through some of my own personal growth or insight, I now see how necessary the parenting birds action may have been...that may have been the only way to make sure all of its babies were fed.

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