Saturday, September 25, 2010

Memory of a Broken Heart

Your pain is my pain.
“Because underneath it all...the color of our skin...
the body mass clinging to our bones...
from dust to dust...we are all the same.”

For I know how it is, that pain of a broken heart...
your whole world seems to stop within you,
while the rest of the world keeps moving on,
without any meaning or hope for the future...
you just wished it would stop so the pain
would go away...but...
you have to keep going, cause life does go on,
and sooner or later, hopefully sooner but usually not,
little surges of life begin to jolt you back
into the mainstream of life once again
(probably angels giving us
emergency heart defibrillation : )
And life will once again have a purpose for you....

To some extent that is part of
the process of grieving,
as long as it stays within healthy boundaries...
but one could slide into self-pity rather quickly
if we’re not careful....
and that is when we can let our poor judgment from
a broken heart make unwise decisions for us,
entrenching us in bitterness...
and when we give Satan any kind
of foothold in our lives...
you can bet he will take advantage
of every opportunity we allow him to have;
to not let our hearts beat as one,
to make us “think” that he has won.

But the battle belongs to the Lord.
A battle that Christ has already won...
For us to be as one.

© Sheri * September 2010
About the “Memory of a Broken Heart” poem...

I cannot recall coming to know someone that has not experienced a broken heart from some kind of relationship or other in their lifetime. Some though, go through the experience more gracefully than others. And there are those that have seemed to have gone through so much in their life that their survival is truly a miracle.

We do not need to wear our pain, past or present, as a badge, but we can share the good along with the bad, to show that with God all things are possible. There are circumstances in our lives that happen and we may never understand why, but if we keep laying them at the foot of the cross, the Lord will heal our wounds and restore our soul...we can know that we are loved by God even in the midst of our pain, to trust in Him to see us through it, that we are not alone.

The quotation in the poem is a combination of some things I had previously read. Partly from an art project that a group of art students had completed a couple years ago, but I am not sure of the source of the ideas originality. The “dust to dust” is from the Bible.

Being a mother myself, knowing the pain our children go through themselves can be heart wrenching, something we must also lay at the feet of our Lord...knowing that there is no greater love than our Father’s. The main purpose of this poem was for that reason. That when we love others, their pain is our pain...just like ours is to our Lord. For us not to forget what the Lord has done for us all because of His love for us...that we all would come to Him and be one in Him.

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