Friday, July 1, 2011

Risen With Christ

Oh, catch me Lord, for I have fallen once again.

My heart and mind Lord, at times I wonder
if they are really even mine.

But then Your love shines through within...

Bringing truth on wings of grace...

Filling me; engulfing me with your peaceful embrace.

How great is Your faithfulness!

And then I am truly thankful...

No, I am not all just mine...

For I have risen with you, my sweet and fearless Lord!

Jesus ~ Savior of my soul!

About the “Risen With Christ” poem...

If we do not pay attention to where we are going, considering the consequences of our actions, from the path we choose to travel, we can wind up in a place we would rather not be in. And speaking from experience, this can happen in a blink of an eye if we are not mindful of what we are doing.

The most recent experience would be of a quick glance off from the road while driving; big mistake. In a heartbeat, because of my negligence, I unintentionally drove onto the too soft shoulder of the road and was sucked over into making my own new path: an extremely bumpy one from hidden small tree limbs on a grassy terrain that was still partially covered with the late last snow of the season. I just missed sideswiping a long stretch of fencing, and also miraculously avoided a telephone pole and utility post. Fortunately, I was able to drive out of there and back onto the road without much assistance (there were a few people that stopped to see what in the world is wrong with that woman?... and coached me back onto the road once they seen I was okay and no apparent damage to my car or the property I had invaded). “Thank you Lord!” was pretty much all I could say.

Although my car seemed alright, a week or so later I found I had done some damage to the K-frame underneath...I had broken the cross members...part of the framing that helps hold the engine in place, which is fixable. Again, Thank you Lord!

The broken cross member part got me to thinking though about our relationships with other Christ believers, our brothers and sisters in Christ. How our actions really affect one another. And with loving God, like we should love in a marriage, we don’t do things to get Him to love us more, or don’t do things thinking He would love us less if we did them...we simply live life through His Son, who let His life be broken for ours, so we could live through Him.

As in healthy marriages, friendships, family relationships, relations with our neighbors, and our relationship with God (which affects all of our other relationships), our love for another speaks through our actions. We do things to help the relationships grow, and we don’t do certain things in order to help protect the relationships from corruption. Because we are a fallen people, we cannot do that without God’s love in our heart. And so, we can choose not to sin out of love...with Christ we can break the chains that bind us to sin. Therefore, because we are fallen, and Christ has risen, we can keep rising with Him daily...letting His love free us from the bondage of sin.

Since I had written this poem, a friend of mine, Rob Lewis, was in a fatal and tragic motorcycle accident. Knowing he was a much better driver than I, I am having an awful time accepting what has happened...along with the loss and sorrow that everyone else that knew him is going through. I pray for his family, friends, and all those co-workers that seen him on an almost daily basis; for such an empty and quiet loneliness that must be there now, because when Rob was around, you knew it...he filled the area with his presence (mostly audibly : )

Among many things, Robbie was great at fixing things, and had done the last repair to my car, replacing the K-frame, charging me much less than what he could have...but that was Rob, he would do for others and not ask for much in return. He had a very big heart, and he was not afraid to share it.

This poem has a much deeper meaning to me now, especially knowing that Rob has risen with Christ, and he is no longer held by time like we are (thankfully, or else he would be missing his Ashley something terrible!). And...we are still connected with Rob in spirit, and someday the Body of Christ will be reunited for eternity, living in love the way it was meant to be.

© Sheri * May 2011
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