Wednesday, July 4, 2012

"Power of Prayer"

"Power of Prayer"

A friend of mine challenged me to paint this from a print plakit he came across at a garage sale. Come to find out the original artist is Danny Hahlbohm; what an awesome inspiring artist! His paintings look so lifelike it's is a link to his website if anyone is interested in checking out his artwork, and his artist archives about how his faith in God has inspired him.

My painting is done in acrylics (Hahlbohm uses oils). I'm just uncomfortable breathing in the toxic fumes, even the odorless brands of brush cleaner, and then there's the storing of flammable chemicals. Maybe if I had an art studio with exhaust fans I would want to work with oils too.
***Update**** July 2013
But because I had purchased some oil painting products years prior, I decided to give working with oils on a painting I wanted to try....mainly after checking out Hahlbohm's art site, purchasing a video to try and get me inspired. Here is one I did, turned out okay...better than I anticipated it would. My son, Jack, really liked it, so gave it to him. Was fun to paint, would like to do another, but this time would like to try the new water based oil paints...I'm pretty sure I didn't just dream them up.

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