Saturday, May 11, 2013

Living in the Present Moment

This piece of artwork was inspired by reading the book, “A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose” by Eckhart Tolle. The text in the artwork (Living in the present moment helps us to be who we are…part of the Body of Christ.) is partly from the book. The first part is put together from the book; the second part is the rest of the truth, which is of course, if you are part of the Body of Christ. And with great joy (Yeah!), I confidently say I belong to Christ; He lives in me, and I in Him.

The book itself, I thought to be quite helpful in seeing when a person holds onto the past, how it can affect how we see ourselves and those around us…keeping us from actually being free to live in the present moment.

The author shares quite deep glimpses of spiritual awareness, of believing in a Higher Power, God’s Presence…but sadly, he didn’t promote the unity of the Body of Christ. Tolle wrote of reincarnation, which contradicts the need of a Savior…of God’s Word.

Even though within the book he spoke of Jesus’ spiritual teachings, he did not write of His crucifixion, or resurrection (although, he did imply that some Christians identify themselves with Christ)…meaning he believes (at least at the time of his writing the book) that there is no need for us to be redeemed, or the process of our sanctification through Christ. For reincarnation is the total opposite of that. Believing in reincarnation is thinking that it is all up to us to get it all right in a lifetime (and by whose standards is that based on anyways?)…and if we don’t (and it’s a given we wouldn’t), well…would one be rejected by the Spiritual Perfection Scanner, and be spat back out into the mainstream of recycled souls just waiting to be “born again”, and again, and again? Really? Didn’t Jesus specifically say: there is only ONE way to the Father, and that was through Him. We are to be born again (of water and in Spirit) in this life; through Him, (accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior of our lives) becoming sons and daughters of God. Yes….God is our Heavenly Father! Yeah!…I joyfully accept my purpose in life…as a child of God to glorify Him! His saving grace has made that possible.

Tolle’s message in the book would then be that there would be no need for God’s saving grace through His Son Jesus…subtly implying Jesus’ death was for naught...that Jesus was merely “just a pointer” to God’s presence within us all. I find it so ironic that Tolle couldn’t see the danger of people not having Jesus as their Savior; of letting ourselves become our own gods….or should I say, us remaining as our own gods; no wonder believing in such a way would lead one to believe in the need for reincarnation…thinking that way would make me think I needed  to be born again and again also..because that would be mentally avoiding the truth about Hell...but avoiding the truth doesn't make it not the truth.

Over all though…Tolle’s book did do me some good (God will make all things work together for good to all those who love Him ~ Romans 8:28). It’s just like any other garden in life…you just have to pluck out the weeds.

The book helped inspire in me the need to let go of the past, along with the residual clinging on for life ego left in me….helping me to be able to live more in the present moment in His Spirit, which is my true self…being connected with God through Christ; part of the Body of Christ. Without my ego being the helm of my vessel, but God Himself.

So…back to the artwork…I had went to pick up my granddog’s at Jack’s place (they were going to come and spend the night with Grandma…Oh how I miss my fenced in back yard), to find they were not home yet, and I had forgotten my key, so I couldn’t just go in and make myself useful. So while I waited, I thought of the “present moment”….to make something memorable about it, other than just waiting around…so I picked a lily by the house and set it on my steering wheel, and fortunately, I had an acrylic paint set kit, complete with a small canvas and drawing pencils in my car that I just purchased. I took a picture of the flower setting, knowing I wouldn't be able to finish the whole project before the flower or I began to wilt, and started drawing. Before I knew it, my son and granddog’s arrived.

The painting represented “patience” to me. Instead of getting antsy and impatient about waiting, I lived in the present moment, seeing something beautiful, and made something to remember the moment by. I already had a picture I had taken of Jack and his dogs, Hemi (the big puppy), and Thor, so I used that photo for part of the artwork…since they were part of the moment….and adding the text from Tolle’s inspiration. The crate I found to put it all in represents how we at times try to put God in a box…limiting who we are by limiting His character, His Truth…and as you can see…I have a crate now….an open top…slats all around, showing me the need for healthy boundaries….to be careful what I let into my mind, my heart, and my soul….lining it up with the Word of God. God designed us to live in Him and along with others….in a godly way….His way.

Since this project, Hemi has come up missing…it’s been a year now, and he is still sadly missed…he was a great dog, and was dearly loved. If he is still alive, I hope who has him is taking good care of him, and if he is no longer alive, I pray he went quickly.

None of us knows how long we will live this life on Earth as it is now…that’s why we should make our purpose count…moment by moment; giving God glory in His strength and grace.

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