Friday, April 9, 2010

Gift of Life

Gift of Life

While working in my garden, my Gift of Life, the Lord had shown me that there was a massive root of shame that needed to be uprooted; it had been choking out most of the good roots.
From so many years of improper care and neglect,this root of shame had even caused a shadow of depression, keeping my garden from receiving an adequate amount of Son light that is needed for a garden to grow into maturity.

The Lord has also shown me the need to just
Let Him
shower His love and mercy unconditionally and continuously upon my garden, which causes the very soil in the ground to be rich in His righteousness.
Oh, to finally start to see my garden grow!

To give forth sweet tasting fruit…
~To give Glory to God~

© Sheri * February 2007

© Photo by: Sheri * May 2007
After reading the book "Beauty for Ashes" by Joyce Meyer, I was inspired to write "Gift of Life."
About the "Gift of Life" poem...
Through the years, I believe the Lord has been trying to show me areas in my life that needed to be healed in order for new growth to start. I am not saying that the Lord never chooses to just heal someone instantly, because He has already shown us those types of miracles have and still do happen.
I believe He knows what’s best for us, and working through our pains, problems, and issues (sometimes referred to as the living hell we have created for ourselves, though we tend to put all the blame on others), is usually required of us; to participate in our own process of healing and growth. Although, we can at times be our own worst enemies...making our own change and growth more difficult to take place.
Someone once told me..."What's in the past, is in the past...but it has got to be the truth." ....made me think...otherwise, we may never learn from our mistakes...because self destructive behaviors are not based on truth...but of misconceptions...once the truth, or the root of the behavior is exposed, or brought to light, we can find constructive ways to improve, to move forward, to leave our baggage in the past, allowing God to heal our wounds and renew us...continuously...
The photo with this poem represents the guarding of our hearts (the need for healthy boundaries) to behold and share the beauty of God's love with others in our lives. My father, Jerry Gray, made the gateway; like our Heavenly Father has done for us to come to Him.


  1. This book was life transforming for me. Although the backdrop deals with those who've been abused, it also deals with everyday issues such as being hurt or offended in relationships. Joyce maps out 'through her experience with abuse' how to get beyond the pain and live a healthy life. God used this book tremendously to help me identify some of my additive behaviors and how to overcome them with simplicity. I highly recommend this to anyone who has been deeply wounded 'emotionally' in any relationship

  2. I thought I responded back to your comment, but apparently not...sorry for being over a year in response time : )

    I was fortunate enough to attend a conference of Joyce Meyer's...loved it...she is one of my favorites. When the Lord calls her home the rest of us here will be re-Joyceing with all her books,videos, and radio shows.

    Since writing this poem,I've read a few good books about boundaries by Cloud and Townsend...starting with "Safe People"...excellent book.