Friday, April 9, 2010

My Boys

My Boys

My boys are almost men
Some days I long for them to be ten
I hope they have felt loved
As I have from them
Now that they are older
Their love for me I sometimes wonder and doubt
I catch myself feeling sad
And then I start to pout
But then I just remember
All the days we’ve had together
I will cherish the blessings that I have
Just from being their mother...

© Sheri * 2003

About the "My Boys" poem...
When my youngest son, Jack, was in his sophomore year in high school, he had written something derogatory about poets in one of his assignments. His teacher, Mrs. Davidson, expressed her concerns about Jack's attitude.
I did not want to give Jack the impression that he could get away with rude behavior just because his mother was employed by the school, but more importantly, his comment reflected an area in his heart that left unattended to, could possibly worsen, affecting his character....So, I wrote my first poem.
After giving the poem to my son's as a gift, I then asked Jack what he thought of poets now...if he still thought poets deserved such an injustice as he had stated, because now, he knew a poet who loved him very much.

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