Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Beautiful Heart Lasts Forever

Physical beauty fades with age.

People would be much better off if they put more precedence

developing their character, their inner person,

instead of trying to "look the picture" for

others that don't have their best interest in mind...

a temporary instant gratification.

That's not to say we shouldn't take care of ourselves to be

physically healthy, because we should...but out of respect for

the gift of life for the One who created us.

And women should be shown respect...

something she won't get if she doesn't require that

from BEING more of a person from showing off less

of her exterior, letting true beauty shine through from her heart,

not by displaying herself as a sexual object to impress others...

because we are so much more than that.

About "A Beautiful Heart Lasts Forever

Most everyone has heard that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder"...and that is true. The world has taught many of us what qualifies one to be beautiful...through the media; movies, television, magazines...etc. Some of us have been conditioned to see others, and ourselves, through that superficial lens, which can become an automatic and constant flow of comparison and judgment, always striving to "look the picture" of what is considered lens worthy; believing and fostering the world's standard of beauty.

While in ones youthful years, those incongruous beliefs can become deeply ingrained, forming misconceptions of one's core values, their own personal value, their purpose for living. And as we all come to know, depending on how long we live, there is no escaping the laws of time; the aging process. That is when reality can show us the err of our ways...when we realize what we believe does not line up with the truth; the revelation that our bodies are a vessel for our spirit. Our bodies are only temporary, our spirits are eternal. Even learning about that fact in our youth, we do not fully come to understand the depth of that truth until we reach that time in our own life.

So, instead of looking at and limiting ourselves to the world's definition of beauty, we should be seeking the beauty of our Creator, our purpose in His plan of creation. And learn of the true meaning of "beauty is in the eye of the beholder"...through God's eyes, what pleases Him; to love others and ourselves with His love in our give Him Glory...a pure heart is beauteous!

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