Thursday, January 26, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home



“Home is where the heart is”…because “a house is not

always a home.” Home is where we will find our stored up

treasures…something that can be evident when we examine

our life’s path, and being thankful for how many, or less, of

the footprints we may see in the sand.

My heart shares occupancy with the Lord; my heart has

become our home. Although, I’m sure at times I barely give

Him any room; my mind tends to crowd Him out, especially

when I whine, lie and say I’m fine at times when I’m not, or

even when I pout. 

I need to expand the space I permit my Lord; by being less of
me and more of Him…by allowing Him to change me, to be

one with the One who created me, to be who I was meant to

be. We will grow together, Him and me; along with all the

other children that choose to come, follow, and dwell with

Thee, O God.

While it’s true that His Holy Spirit dwells within me, His
saving grace has made my heart His home, He is also with

our Father, preparing me a place in His heavenly realm...for

it is written the day will surely come when I shall see His

glorious face. 

© Sheri * January 2012

About the "Home Sweet Home" poem...

While contemplating moving from my home where I’ve lived
for the past six plus years, there are so many things I will

miss about this dwelling place, but I’m ready to move on.

Hopefully, the people I have been praying for to come along

and buy it are here at last, and that they also will enjoy the

place and find the peace that I have found living here. And

though I will be losing a lot of equity by selling at this time, I

have gained so much within by living here these past years. 

True happiness is found within one’s heart, no matter what

one’s circumstances, but there are those blessings in life

that truly enrich our lives, even when they tend to cost. And

because we are not our circumstances, we can make any

place a home, as long as we put our heart into it...because

that is where the Holy Spirit dwells...His living and saving

grace, making us His living Masterpiece, growing with us and

changing us throughout our lives...into eternity...Amen!

We are the happiest when we live in harmony, are obedient

to what God calls us to love Him above all else, and

love others as ourselves. And that is something we cannot

do by ourselves; we were designed to need God, as we were

created in His image.

The choices we make, how we react to our circumstances,

will determine what treasures we like to store for ourselves

here and now...and more so, what will become of our hearts

treasures when they are tested by the fire on Judgment

Day...what have we done with the life that God has given

us? Will the account of our lives bring glory to God?

There are times when I have allowed the regrets in my life to

haunt me fiercely, handicapping my life in serving God and

His people. That is one of the ways the enemy works,

making one think they are not worthy to do God’s work,

blinding one to the fact that without God’s saving grace none

are worthy. And through accepting His sacrifice, through His

saving grace we are worthy...we just have to make the

choice. Knowing we are worthy in Him, helps us to be worthy

like Him.

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